Farmtopia’s Growth Story: Insights from Our Third Newsletter

Farmtopia's third Newsletter

As the Farmtopia project approaches its 1st anniversary, we are summing up the updates that occurred since our March newsletter. Read about where we are with our Pilots, Farmtopia Services, the events we attended, and how the media reacted to our mission. 

Farmtopia Services are coming soon! 

Our project is close to launching its open-source reusable software modulesthe Farmtopia Services. These independent software components are based on a microservices software architectural design and intended to help agritech providers enrich their existing offerings by complementing their features, services, and capabilities.

The launch of Farmtopia Services is projected for 2024, with the co-creation process of the software module in full swing.

The team leading Work Package 1 (WP1) is busy organising workshops for the prefinal version of the Services for Farmtopia’s technical staff, Advisory Board members, and the technical staff from collaborating entities. A thorough feedback session will take place, ensuring a multi-actor approach, as well as precise targeting of end-users.

The Farmtopia Services include:

  • A “Digital Field Book” to enable farmers to digitally record their assets and activities, providing a comprehensive and organized system for tracking farm operations
  • A “Data integration service” to support subscribing to and integrating external data services like weather forecasts, pest infestation alerts, and Earth Observation services.
  • Agri-Data Sharing mechanisms to enable secure, standards-compliant data exchange among small farmers, utilizing standardized protocols for authorization and access control.

As we wait for the workshops to take place, here is an illustrative example of the progress of Farmtopia Services – this month, our partners Innovation Technology Cluster Murska Sobota (ITC)/Digital Innovation Hub for Agriculture and Food Production launched the trainings and testings for the “Digital Field Book” tools they are developing under Farmtopia. A live session was conducted with KGZS-Zavod Murska Sobota farming advisors to gather valuable feedback. 

Farmtopia Newsletter

New Hub for Farmtopia Synergies Launched

Farmtopia recently unveiled its synergies and collaborations hub, where we highlight our partnerships with our sister projects, other EU projects, media organizations, and different initiatives.

We remain committed to create a sustainable and thriving agricultural community, open to all. 

Farrmtopia Newsletter New Page

Explore Farmtopia’s Ecosystem here

Key Statistics on Small-Sized Farmers in Europe in 2024: Farmtopia Newsroom Highlight

Our team has also researched the current state of small-sized farmers across Europe, summarizing key information from Eurostat and other relevant sources. 

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Open Call: Coming Soon! 

The Farmtopia Open Call will launch this fall, and this initiative aims to encourage collaborative development and testing of customized ADSs (Agricultural Digital Solutions) for small farms, led by 9 new Pilots selected through the Call. Each Pilot, consisting of a small farmer and ADS provider, will receive €100,000 from a total funding pool of €900,000.

To catch up on our currently available Open Call information, read more here

Pilots Making Steady Progress – and Waves in the Media

Farmtopia’s 9 Sustainable Innovation Pilots (SIPs) target specific crops and livestock for which existing ADSs are underdeveloped and inadequate, as well as regional crops of significance. The SIPs bring together farmers, farm advisors, and ADS providers, aiming to co-develop affordable ADSs for small- and medium-sized farmers.

Since co-development procedures for the ADSs have kicked off, different progress has been made. Some successful instances were:

  • In May, our partners and SIP8 leaders ARVALIS presented Farmtopia’s SIP8 and its focus on arable crops in Narcy, France, to farmers, farm advisors, and ADS providers. During the event, the first results on spot spraying with CarbonBee, our other partner and the ADS provider for SIP8, were presented.
  • This month, SIP6 leader AGRICOLUS and our other partner that takes part in this SIP focused on carrots, SATA s.r.l., attended a national conference in Italy focusing on agro-meteorology and the use of forecasting models for crop management. There, they presented the results of the study on precision agriculture and carrot cultivation techniques conducted within Farmtopia.

Certain SIPs were also mentioned in different media, with SIP1 and SIP2 sparking conversations online. 

Farrmtopia Newsletter

Farmtopia at Events 

Prominent European events that gathered international attention were among Farmtopia’s 18 event attendances so far.

10th Panhellenic Congress on the Development of Greek Agriculture

In April, our project coordinating team from NEUROPUBLIC (NP) conducted a survey session for farmers, farm advisors, and cooperative representatives to determine the specific needs of small- and medium-sized farmers and assess their awareness and acceptance of emerging tech solutions. The survey occurred during the 10th Panhellenic Congress on the Development of Greek Agriculture in Kalamata. Read more about the event here.

Farmtopia Newsletter Event

91st International Agricultural Fair

In May, Farmtopia was part of the opening day of the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, Serbia. Showcased by our partners from Foodscale Hub, the project led to lots of interest from small-scale farmers who were interested in the benefits of the impending ADSs being co-created by farmers and digital providers, as well as in the upcoming Open Call this autumn.

We also had fruitful talks with our fellow QuantiFarm project which was showcased at the event, as well. Read more about the Fair here.

Farmtopia Newsletter Event

Congress of Geographical Information Systems and Spatial Analysis in Agriculture and Environment

Also in May, NEUROPUBLIC S.A. participated in the 5th Congress of Geographical Information Systems and Spatial Analysis in Agriculture and Environment at the Agricultural University of Athens. Farmtopia was given a valuable platform for NP’s qualified agronomists to engage in an open community discourse about the future of the primary sector, emphasizing the benefits of digital transformation, especially through the strategic utilization of geospatial technologies.

Thus, congress participants could learn more about the project’s objectives and expected outcomes. Read more about the event here.

“AgTech Innovations that will Transform the Sector” Webinar

We began June with an insightful presentation from our Project Coordinator Dionysios Solomos from NP during the webinar “AgTech Innovations that will Transform the Sector.” Partnering with the event’s co-organisers Wikifarmer and the AgriBIT project, and 5 other EU-funded research projects: STELAR, ICAERUS EU, Smart Droplets, and Robs4Crops, we presented our mission to fix low adoption rates of Agricultural Digital Solutions (ADSs). For more about the webinar, see here. 

Farmtopia Newsletter webinar

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